Welcome To Innovee

At Innovee Systems Ltd we pride ourselves in shaping the networked futures of
businesses and societies and creating value for customers, employees and investors
through our innovative ICT solutions.

Who Is Innovee?

Our Company Mission
The Innovee Philosophy
Our Business Model

Technologies, Systems Integration and Delivering end-to-end business
Innovee has a strong portfolio of Systems Integration offerings to provide increased added value for clients to drive their growth and profitability. Our enhanced delivery model adds quality, scalability, predictability and flexibility
at a competitive price point, and benefits from a strong regional experience and presence.
We continue to adapt new technologies to cater for the increasing demand for all platform solutions and industry-specific Business Intelligence, Analytics and Smart Mobility solutions. Our technologies are based on industry best practices for the governance, management and delivery of the project base business or application
management services.

Managed Services: Transforming today’s enterprise IT to future hybrid IT landscapes
We are at the forefront of transforming our clients to the new world of hybrid IT landscapes. This is built on our expertise in delivering IT managed services over the years, strengthened by vertical industry knowledge, and now enhanced by the new Cloud technologies.

Cloud & Enterprise Software: Opening the door to the new world of IT
Cloud Computing is generating major changes in the way enterprises define and consume services with a corresponding shift in the way technology service providers organize themselves and structure their go-to-market approach.
In response to customers’ growing requirements for IT as a service, our Cloud based
approach to systems support the further development of Cloud activities.

Payments & Transactional services: Weaving seamless experiences
With the rapidly changing world of payments systems, we have deliberately and strategically made all our systems easily scalable and easy integrate with any payment method; from mobile money to e-banking, etc. This gives your customers ease of transacting.
On the flipside, we also enable our clients to sell, market and transact on any platform; mobile web etc.

IT was yesterday – today there are business technologists with ERPs
We think that a dynamic and changing business environment requires a unique type of professional – one that doesn’t presume to know the answers.A professional that really listens and comes up with innovative answers to our
clients’ business challenges – working with them to create the firm of the future with and end to end look of operations and seamless systems.
Business technologists aren’t just techies or techies that lack business understanding. Or consultants that aren’t truly accountable for delivery. We consider the entire value chain. And we don’t believe in technology for technology’s
sake. Its only purpose is to deliver on business strategy.
Our outlook is global and we are constantly searching for the practical innovations and business trends that make our clients more competitive and drive their business transformation.We understand that successful change needs a human touch. So we listen carefully to understand our clients’ challenges. Then we deliver unique holistic solutions with confidence; orchestrating ecosystems, providing teams of skilled consultants and industry experts to define and deliver an end-to-end blueprint that meets your objectives.

Powering Progress
We want to work on projects with clients that are striving to create the firm of the future – powering progress for them, their customers, their stakeholders and employees. We believe that what we do with our clients has positive effects that go further than our clients’ businesses – that’s real progress.

Delivering on our commitments with a passion for IT innovation – The Innovee Way
Whether medium-sized or large enterprise, start-up or public authority – anyone who doesn’t use state-of-the-art IT that’s right for the business can’t compete. We are Innovee; therefore we invest time for a business technology that puts (information) technology solutions and services to work to serve the business strategy. We strive to understand both: their customers’ business and the IT and create solutions with which processes can be holistically managed and transformed.After all, successful change needs the expertise and the commitment of people who
know what they’re talking about