Advanced, powerfull,flexible complete management software for both inpatient and outpatient. Its suitable to run in a Hospital, Clinic, Diagnostic Center, Medical institutes.

Enterprise Resource Planning has been the ultimate solution to many sectors and healthcare is no exception. Hospitals require more connectivity because the information to be passed is vital and will not serve the purpose if it does not reach in time. Unlike other business wherein the loss could be measured only in monetary terms the loss in this sector is in terms of human lives.

The healthcare industry is focused on improving the quality of healthcare and operational efficiency while reducing costs and optimizing back-end operations. To maximize profits, reduce costs and achieve a seamless healthcare continuum, it is imperative to improve the efficiency of back-end business functions across supply chain management, inventory management, patient relationship management, human resources, finance and billing. It can be achieved by business process optimization and technology enablement through successful Healthcare Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation.

At Innovee, our experienced domain consultants have extensive experience in Healthcare ERP, supply chain management, human resources, revenue cycle management, patient relationship management and business process optimization.

Many companies have focused on improving their core human capital management (HCM) functions including payroll, benefits, time management, and position management. The next step in the evolution from administrative to strategic is to align your core HCM with your talent management as depicted in the following diagram.



We ensure maximum value realization from your Healthcare ERP-related IT investments by leveraging the technology aspect of ERP projects coupled with value to identify the areas of operational improvement and unrealized value potential. Business process improvements and Provider ERP package configurations are targeted to deliver maximum improvements in operational Key Performance Indicators.

There is no doubt about the credibility of the current ERP applications in the hospitality sector. However the desire to bring more connectivity remains the unfulfilled dream of this sector. The consolation is that this has been taken seriously by Profmax and we are constantly working on to develop better applications for Healthcare industry.